Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Remember Me - Rob I Doubt We Can Forget

Oh okay cheesy title, but I'm loving that we are starting to get some positive comments about this film. This is what Sean Callahan from The Examiner has to say:

"As the New Moon breaks records, attention should be brought to a trailer with a release date in March of 2010. No, not Eclipse, but rather Remember Me, a film which could legitimize Robert Pattinson as an actor and not just a Teen Beat cover boy. [Note to Sean - he's already a legitimate actor to me and 1000s of others - has he actually ever been on a Teen Beat cover?]

Remember Me is filled with an amazing cast: the impeccable, Academy Award winner Chris Cooper, Pierce Brosnan and Lena Olin. Robert is enlisted to play Tyler, a poetic misfit, who wants to be his own man but does not know how to find the path to becoming one. His father, portrayed by Brosnan, does not know what to do with him, which only leads to Tyler’s greater alienation.

Until, he meets Ally who gives him a spark at a real relationship. She is quirky as is he, so it just might be ideal. That is, until her father played by Cooper steps in as the cop who busted Tyler earlier on with whom only tensions rise between them as Tyler’s relationship with Ally grows.

Yes, this sounds like every other lost teenage romance film, with the idea of “To hell with everyone else!” This film is directed by Allen Coulter who has directed primarily television shows (as well as the very underrated Hollywoodland
) but therein lies the potential strength of this film. His resume includes The Sopranos, Rome (HBO), Six Feet Under and Sex in the City. All of these shows have one major thread in common. They are very character-driven. Which is good news for Pattinson fans.

Additionally, the movie will bring together a formidable love interest in Emilie de Ravin who plays Ally. She has great charisma and shines forth on the screen. This will be a much better pairing than Robert and Kristin, screen-wise.

If the trailer is any indication, Remember Me promises to be the one film Pattinson does that will not be forgotten."
You're not kidding there Sean. If the trailer is any indication of Rob's performance well then I think he is going to leave Dali behind. I cannot wait to see more of this film because that trailer in the words of Tyler "I guess was just there to tease me".


  1. Sure is so so good to see we are starting to get some positive reviews about RM. I am so excited about this film & looking forward to seeing it so very much, just cannot wait. As soon as we have the Aus release date the countdown will begin :D Absolutely Maria, the trailer is amazing & Rob is just brilliant. Hopefully we will get to see more very soon. I love Tyler's 'tease me' line. One of my faves in the trailer.

    So true Maria, Rob is already a legitimate actor to all of us & tonnes of others. He doesn't need to prove himself & his talent to any of us thanks Sean.

  2. @ Maria, I can't leave Dali behind until I see him on the big screen. LOL
    But yes. RM looks like it may be a major tipping point in Rob's career. Damn, that movie looks good.

  3. RM trailer is amazingly good and helpful, for whom is not well aware of Rob potential and skills as an actor, of course ;-)
    As far as I'm concerned I already understood that in Little Ashes, he was unbelievable!
    Can't wait to see this new movie! thumbs up for Rob!