Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Eclipse Mints Exclusive Tins

Just a reminder that Wrigley in conjunction exclusively with Coles will be releasing a limited edition of the ECLIPSE Mint Tins in with the release of the Eclipse DVD on 1 December 2010.  The mints will be available for a limited time - so make sure you don't forget.  What flavours will be available you ask?  Spearmint.  How do I know - well Mylan was wonderful enough to send me a giftbag yesterday that included the tin and let me just say - it's wonderful knowing I can carry Rob around in my pocket - um I mean Edward all day long.


  1. Ooohhh so excited about these. Thanks for the reminder Maria :D

  2. Ooooh i'm a bit jealous Maria, you already have one!!! Can't wait to get me one.

  3. do you still want this?if not, can i bought from you?